Hydro cutting


Water jet cutting with maximum pressure water jet technology up to 6000 bar stationarily and 3000 bar mobilely. The maximum pressure water jet technology is suitable for cutting almost all materials. Our team works with automatic and remote controlled plants, which make an ultra accurate, safe and fast cutting possible of the materials. Special nozzles and pollution free few water technology are used also here. We set the lie close-supported water jet cutting in all environments, particularly within safetysensitive ranges, e.g. to automatic cutting of hydrogen tanks or gas pipes in. Since it concerns a cold procedure, it comes neither to a sparking nor to thermal reactions. The water jet cutting with Hydrojet maximum pressure water jet technology is besides suited for the employment in inhabited, dust and swing-us-sensitive buildings and/or ranges.


Benefits of Hydrojet-technology

  • Quick ultra accurate cuts.
  • Safe, automatic systems.
  • Neither sparking nor thermal reactions.
  • Almost everywhere applicable.
  • Vibrationless cutting of almost all materials.
  • superior noise reduction



Ranges of application

  • Cuts of steel/ hydrogen tanks.
  • Cutting in explosive areas.
  • Foundation engineering.
  • Road construction.


Hydro - Cutting Blades ( 36000 psi ) , mobile high pressure water jetting - With our special > Little Water Pump < we can cut based on site and in the absence of water supply blades to glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP ).

Thanks to modern equipment cutting GfK parts is possible for us even without the addition of abrasives . Only water is used without any chemical additives . In addition, due to the cold separation process creates no dangerous evolution of heat . Furthermore, preventing the elimination of small parts into the air , which offers close control.

It come modern , mobile HDW plants are used which work quietly due to the existing , high-quality soundproofing. These systems meet the highest safety standards worldwide.


Advantages of Hydro - cuttings at GfK rotor blades at a glance:

  • Independently by low -water pumps of the infrastructural situation largely
  • Clean work by the exclusive use of hot water without chemical additives
  • No dust generation through cold and precise cutting
  • Quiet due to good as new , soundproofed , mobile HDW - pump systems
  • Safe working by remote control , automatic cutters
  • modern pumps with the highest safety standards