Concrete removement with high pressure waterjet technology

Hydrojet Dorandt high pressure waterjet technology offers an excellent solution for the concrete removement. Automatic installations with special equipment and low water usage makes it possible for us to remove exact the concrete fast and safety without erosions. While our concrete removement procedure is an cold removement technology, there is no sparking or thermic reaction.

This alows our team to work in high security sensible areas like fire critical sections. Also the concrete will pull down free from vibrations. This means that solved concrete areas are safed from potential tension splits. Special areas can be exposed through these procedure uninjured. Our special procedure alows us to work with the concrete removement in facilities where people live and also in areas which are sensitive with dust and vibrations.



Benefits of Hydrojet-technology

  • Fast and exact concrete removement
  • Concrete removement without erosion
  • No sparking or thermic reaction
  • Without vibrations


Field of application

  • Buildings
  • Tunnel
  • Road building/ civil engineering