Rubber abrasion removal

Removing from rubber abrasion is straight in ranges with high safety requirements, e.g. on airports, from greatest importance. By rubber abrasion on the runway the braking distance of the airplanes does not only extend, but additionally the signal effect is impaired by markings, which are covered by rubber abrasion, strongly. These points represent a substantial safety risk and require a fast removing.

Hydrojet Dorandt maximum pressure water jet technology offers a outstanding solution for a fast, accurate and careful clearance of rubber abrasion. The clearance of the rubber abrasion is accomplished by us with automatic, ultramodern devices with pressure ranges up to 2500 bar and small water consumption. Optionally we can rough the surfaces additionally, in order to receive a higher pavement grip.

Benefits of Hydrojet-technology

  • fast, accurate and careful clearance of the rubber abrasion.
  • High surface achievement.
  • Optimal roughness of the surface for the increase of the pavement grip.