Varnish removal

The Hydrojet Dorandt maximum pressure water jet technology provides for a fast, accurate and pollution free decoating of surfaces.

The surfaces cleanly washed without any arrears. Standard Dw1, zinc-free and Dw2 in accordance with. STG guideline NR 222. We are able, even sensitive surfaces, e.g. GRP, extremely carefully and without the surfaces are attacked, to decoate.Also individual films of varnish can do are selectively cleared away, so the old hidden lacquer-sent as developing corrosion protection to be re-used to be able. Ultramodern, automatic and super+muffled devices, with pressure ranges up to 3000 bar and small water consumption, place the technical basis and provide for a high safety level. Since it concerns a cold procedure and so neither sparks nor thermal reactions develop, our team can work within fire-endangered ranges problem-free.


Advantages of Hydrojet-technology

  • No special protection necessarily.
  • The surfaces are not damaged.
  • In contrast to the decoating with sand jet already existing rust is driven not more deeply into the pores, but washed out completely.
  • The worked on surfaces can be prepared rough optimally, in order to create an optimal basic for the aplication.
  • Underlying films of varnish can be used as developing corrosion protection.


Ranges of application

Complete decoating of:

  • Boats
  • Airplanes
  • Bridges
  • Railways
  • Streetcars
  • Buildings
  • Installations