Structure giving processes by means of max. pressure water jet technology

Hydro-structuring, maximum pressure water jets with automatic plants and individually added abrasiv. Due to an innovative procedure we are in a the position to provide even sensitive materials respectively surfaces with special structures. The outer skin of airplanes can be provided for example with structures, in order to lower the cerosene consumption clearly. A further example is the structuring of hulls with special roughness depths, which lead to a decrease of flow resistance.



Sample applications:

  • Cleaning of welding seams (E.G. at new ships), so that for following applications an immediately subsequent treatmentable abraded surface develops.
  • Roughness depth coinage at hulls, in order to reduce flow resistance.
  • Abrading of surfaces (e.g. of steel tanks), in order to achieve a better adhesive strength for following applications.


Surface texturing of concrete:

Our surface structure technique for a wide variety of concrete structures and patterns can be created in concrete surfaces.

  • Restorations of buildings
  • Floor reliefs
  • The special feature of modern Architekruten ( museums, theaters , ... )

With this technique it is possible horizontal, vertical , circular lines with CNC - technology are cut into the concrete. Thus, creating interesting patterns .