Hydrojet Dorandt high pressure waterjet cutting & waterjet technology

The purpose of our customers is the focus of our performance. The latest equipment and tecnical knowledge let us respond flexible, fast and efficient of individual requirements.

Profit by the various availabilities of our waterjet and waterjet cutting technology.

Mobile waterjet cutting

Mobile waterjet cutting

Hydrojet Dorandt is operating worldwide with mobile high pressure waterjet and high pressure waterjet cutting technology.

Benefits of Hydrojet-technology

  • Quick ultra accurate cuts
  • Safe, automatic systems
  • Neither sparking nor thermal reactions
  • Almost everywhere applicable
  • Vibrationless cutting of almost all materials

Waterjet cutting technology

Water jet cutting with maximum pressure water jet technology up to 6000 bar stationarily and 3000 bar mobilely. The maximum pressure water jet technology is suitable for cutting almost all materials.

Ranges of application

  • Cuts of steel/ hydrogen tanks
  • Cutting in explosive areas
  • Foundation engineering
  • Road construction.