Hydrojet - Drilling

Water jet drilling

Our hydro-drilling / waterjet drilling is a new technique that uses water only for drilling underground. Our erosion-free and environmentally friendly procedure is very versatile.

In this process, exclusively water-driven nozzles are propelled by a cutting head to depths of up to 4,000 metres. This is a process that excludes proven drilling-related earthquakes.


For the first time small-scale drillings can be archieved in less time and with lower costs. Our advantage originates from the better deterioration rate for waterjet drilling when compared to conventional drilling technologies who suffer greatly due to the direct friction.

The use of hydropower is more economical in any case. Another advantage of the hydrojet drilling method compared to conventional drilling is the reduction of heat during the drilling process.

There are no explosion or fire hazards during the hydrojet drilling process.

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Advantages of waterjet drilling with Hydrojet waterjet technology

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