Hydro-jetting-soft | Selective lacquer decoating

High-pressure water jetting of sensitive surfaces and selective paint stripping up to 2500 bar.With this process, e.g. paints can be removed layer by layer. Existing layers of paint can thus be used as build-up corrosion protection, which is a positive cost advantage for you. After treatment, smooth and intact surfaces are available for subsequent work (e.g. on GRP). Demarking work, the removal of rubber abrasion and the removal of bitumen can also be carried out quickly, precisely and gently using the hydrojet water jet technology.

We use this procedure for example with

- selective paint decoating
- Vessel yachts
- complete aircrafts
- Rubber abrasion removal
- Demarking
- Removal of bitumen

Advantages of Hydro-jetting-soft

- Paint layers can be selectively removed
- Enormous time savings
- No regrinding is necessary.
- After paint stripping, absolutely smooth surfaces are left behind. (without scoring)
- The finished surfaces are clean and ready for immediate use.
- No deformations occur. (e.g. on the wings of aircraft).

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