Removal of rubber abrasion with water jet technology

The removal of rubber abrasion is of utmost importance, especially in safety-relevant areas such as airports. Rubber abrasion on the taxiway not only increases the braking distance of aircraft, but in addition, the signalling effect of markings that are obscured by rubber abrasion is severely impaired. These spots pose a significant safety risk and require rapid removal. Hydrojet high pressure water jetting technology offers itself as an excellent solution for a fast, exact and gentle removal of rubber abrasion. Removal is done with automatic equipment, with pressure ranges up to 2500 bar and low water consumption. Optionally, the surfaces can be roughened to obtain a higher grip.

Advantages of removal with Hydrojet water jet technology

- Fast, precise and gentle removal of rubber abrasion
- high area performance
- Optional roughening of the surface to increase grip

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