Varnish removal using ultra-high pressure water jet technology directly on location

Hydrojet ultra-high-pressure water jet technology is ideally suited for the fast, precise and environmentally friendly varnish removal from surfaces. Even sensitive surfaces, such as GRP, are gently stripped of paint using this process.

The surfaces are washed clean without any residues. Standard Dw1, zinc-free and Dw2 according to STG guideline no. 222. Automatic, super-silenced units, with pressure ranges up to 3000 bar and low water consumption, ensure a high level of safety. In addition, paint stripping with water jet technology is possible without any problems, especially in areas at risk of fire, as it is a "cold" process technology so that neither sparks nor thermal reactions occur.

Hydro-jetting /-soft, ultra-high pressure water jetting up to 3000 bar. The work is carried out with modern, automatic water jetting technology at the highest safety level.

Super-silenced trailers with integrated high-performance aggregates provide the technical equipment on site. Used water is collected for you, analysed and, if necessary, filtered on site and discharged into the rainwater sewer system or released for disposal.

Advantages of paint stripping with hydrojet waterjet technology

Complete varnish removal of: Ships, aircraft, bridges, railways, tramways, buildings, facades, installations

No special protection necessarily After paint stripping, smooth surfaces are available for immediate further processing. No sparking or thermal reactions The surfaces are not damaged. In contrast to paint stripping with sandblasting, existing rust and salt traces are not driven deeper into the pores, but completely washed out. The treated surfaces can optionally be roughened to create an optimal application base. The layers of paint underneath can be used as build-up corrosion protection.

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